Autonomous Agents Arrive

Chain together high level requests, and the robots will take it from there.

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Autonomous Agents Arrive

Chain together high level requests, such as: "Increase net worth, grow twitter account, develop and manage multiple businesses autonomously," and the robots will take it from there.

The Big Stuff

Last week, we saw the start of open source autonomous agents, or applications that can take in high level commands like, "Look for upcoming food events, and then suggest a recipe that suits it.". Projects like Auto-GPT, Baby AGI, and Microsoft Jarvis give us a glimpse into what Andrej Karpathy, founding member of OpenAI's research team, calls "the next frontier" for prompt engineering. So what's the buzz about?

Introducing the Autonomous Agent: AutoGPT, and BabyAGI

AutoGPT and BabyAGI are two open source autonomous agent projects that were both released within the last two weeks. Since they've been released, they've exploded in popularity on code repository Github, with AutoGPT getting 16.9k stars, and 4.6k stars for BabyAGI. So what do can projects do, and why are they important?Up until recently, large language models, like ChatGPT, have been limited to relatively small tasks, but lacked the ability to do accomplish high level tasks, such as "Build me a website". Currently, GPT-4 is very good at coding, but it is limited to relatively small tasks. Building an entire app, or a website would not be possible without issuing a lot of prompts. Autonomous agents can make a high-level plan for what to accomplish, break it into tasks, perform each task, then reflect on its work. In other words, very similar to how a human would do it. This is so early, that we're just beginning to understand the capabilities here. Let's look at a few examples (many coding examples since early adopters are engineers):

Solving AI Alignment (click to watch video):

Coding a website (click Tweet to watch video)

Figuring out how to install dependencies (click tweet to watch video):

Searching for destinations

Note: this is RoboGPT, a variant of AutoGPT

Microsoft JARVIS

Microsoft JARVIS is an autonomous agent project that performs autonomous tasks, but accomplishes it by combining multiple artificial intelligence models. For example,

Prompt: Please generate an image where a girl is reading a book, and her pose is the same as the boy in the image example.jpg. Then please describe the new image with your voice.

Input Image (example.jpg)

Output Image

JARVIS would take this prompt as input and then plan out how to accomplish the task. In this case, it would pose control, then post to image, then image class, then text to image. It would then select the appropriate artificial intelligence models to use, execute the tasks, then generate the response.

These autonomous agents have only been out for a couple of weeks. Some people have been referring to them as primitive AGI. We see a lot of potential here, and we're excited to see what's next in this area.

Midjourney "Describe" is Impressive

Sometimes, it's the seemingly small features that can have outsized impacts. We believe Midjourney's "describe" feature is one of these. Instead of starting from scratch with a text prompt, the "/describe" command in Midjourney allows you to upload a photo, and get four (4) text prompts back that let you create new work based on those interpretations. For example, the Starbucks logo:

Other big news:

Is OpenAI's stranglehold on the competition is loosening? Google plans to roll Chat AI into search and Anthropic is looking to 10X "The best AI of today." OpenAI share their safety approach while Microsoft expands Edge's AI image generator, and Stanford lets us know what's happening with AI. Oh and Italy blocks ChatGPT.

One more thing...

Smaller But Still Cool Things:

  • introduces custom AI chatbots, which lets you create a custom chatbot based on a prompt. Try the Greg Mushen AI bot, which will take anything you talk about, and somehow turn it into an AI discussion (link)

  • AI doomsday scenarios are literally impossible (link)

  • Open source project LangChain raises $10M seed round (link)

  • Using A.I. To Make Drake Rap About Beans (link)

  • An LLM running on a calculator? (link)

  • DoNotPay is launching a new GPT-4 email extension to troll scam and marketing email/text messages by engaging them in an endless A.l. conversation (link)

  • Attract your first 100 customers with LoopGenius (link)

Going Deeper

  • LLMs are Better Than Human Annotators (link)

  • LinkedIn Learning is offering over 200 free courses on AI until June (link)

  • NASA releases DAGGER, which uses artificial intelligence to predict solar flares (link)

  • LLMParser makes it easy for anyone to classify and extract structured data from text with large language models (LLMs). (link)

  • Brainstorming ChatGPT Business Ideas With A Billionaire (link)

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