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Inaugural Issue – January 12th, 2023

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Inaugural Issue – January 12th, 2023

The AI landscape is changing so rapidly, it's dizzying! We bring you the important developments, make them easy to understand, and keep you ahead of the curve.

The Big Stuff

Make pictures with Bing! Microsoft in Generative AI Game (link)

It's happening faster than we can imagine. Just when you think that it would just be words, now you can make images on Bing. Microsoft seems poised to make the most of their investment in OpenAI.

Muse Your Imagination: Google Unveils Zero-Shot Text-to-Image Creator! (link)

Jumpstart your creativity with Google's new research paper on Muse, a powerful zero-shot text-to-image creator! Powered by token space rather than pixel space, Muse's large language model embeddings make it faster and more efficient than ever before. Unleash your inner artist and get creative with Muse!

The Return of Clippy?! $10 BILLION bet on ChatGPT - (link)

Microsoft's $10 billion dollar investment in OpenAI is more than just a flash in the pan. This is a foundational move that will take 75% of the profit from OpenAI until the investment is paid back and then own 49% of the company. They plan to use the artificial intelligence technology ChatGPT in email, Word, and Bing search. It's a big move for Microsoft and a big moment for OpenAI - now let's see if the plan can pay off!

Microsoft Vall-e: 3 SECONDS to sound like you! (link)

Text-to-speech has been around for decades, but has traditionally sounded robotic and unable to capture the nuances of speech, such as intonation, inflection, and emotion. However, VALL-E is a significant improvement. Trained on 60,000 hours of English speech, hundreds of times more than existing systems, VALL-E can synthesize high quality personalized speech with just 3 seconds of recording. It also can generate diverse accents, simulate acoustic environments, and simulate emotion. We are truly living in the future - it's like a robotic version of the Genie from Aladdin!

Smaller, but still Cool Stuff

Ready to go pro?

OpenAI Opens a Waitlist for ChatGPT Pro (link)

AI feels like images only right now, but...Video is Coming! (link)

Peter Levels tweeted a video demonstration. It’s unoptimized 900 frames of just image to image transformation. It’s choppy and rudimentary, but it’s showing a lot of promise out-of-the-gate.

Incredible Resources: Just CLICK. Trust us.

AI has never been more accessible. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a veteran, there are some amazing resources to either help you get started, or take your abilities to the next level.

Intro to ChatGPT (link)

Get the basics of ChatGPT with this comprehensive guide written by Buildspace. It's an easy to follow introduction to the platform and a great place to start. Plus, brush up on your tech lingo and impress your friends!

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts (link)

Discover all the different and creative ways you can use ChatGPT prompts. There's a great open source list of contributed prompts from users around the world, so take a look and get inspired. Plus, you'll never be bored with ChatGPT again!

The Art of ChatGPT Prompting (link)

A Guide to Crafting Clear and Effective Prompts (link): Download this free ebook and learn how to craft clear and effective prompts for ChatGPT. Get tips for beginners and experts alike, perfect for those who want to make the most of the platform. What are you waiting for? Get writing!

ChatGPT for Marketing Managers - A Complete Guide (link)

Get the most out of ChatGPT for your marketing efforts with this comprehensive guide by a co-founder of ClickUp. Get practical advice and make the most of the platform. Let's get the ball rolling - it's time to get creative!

CODING: ChatGPT Cookbook (link)

Get creative and craft up something special with the OpenAI API using the ChatGPT Cookbook. With easy-to-follow examples and prompts in Python, you can get inspired to invent new and exciting ways to use GPT. Get cooking - it's time to unleash your inner robotic chef!

Tweets of the Week

Marc Andreesen (link)

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Tom Goldstein (link) - How much does it cost to run ChatGPT each day?

Alex Hormozi (link)

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