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Innovation and Investment in AI is Accelerating – February 4th, 2023

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Afterburners ENGAGE! Innovation and Investment in AI is Accelerating.

Google makes a move. Microsoft makes many. Even Apple seems ready to play. – February 4th, 2023

ChatGPT hits 100 Million active users in January, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history. Even though Google invented the AI Transformer (that recent AI tech is based on) they invest $300 Million in some ex-OpenAI employees. Microsoft is acting like a startup again, announcing products and enhancements on nearly a daily basis. Oh, and FIVE text-to-music models were announced last week.

The Big Stuff

Google invests $300M in AI startup Anthropic (link)

Anthropic, started by some ex-OpenAI employees that were involved in creating GPT3, is a relative newcomer, and have a unique approach to solving ethics and accuracy with AI models. Apparently Google likes what they see, or they are doing anything they can to slap back OpenAI, who seems unstoppable at the moment, given their support and aggressive integration from Microsoft.


Google has an existential threat on their hands. Their entire business model is built on matching a question with a relevant answer. Tools like ChatGPT disrupt this model, so much so that Google is in Code Red. There are some, such as the creator of Gmail, who believe that tools like ChatGPT could destroy Google's business model in two years. This is coming at a time when advertising sales are slipping due to a slowing economy (link). Alphabet's CEO has promised that new ChatGPT like features will be coming to search soon (link, link). The model they are shipping is LaMDA, which is the model Blake Lemoine thought was sentient.

Does Apple have One more thing? "AI will eventually 'affect every product and service we have." - Tim Cook, CEO Apple (link)

Apple has been struggling to lead the charge on innovation in recent years. It sounds like a lot of effort is going into their AR/VR goggles that are rumored to launch this year. Given all the noise with AI, Apple has been notably absent from the conversation... until now. If they lean in heavy into this space, we could see some magical apps, interfaces and products hit the market, including a major update from Siri.

Tim Cook

Will Apple Deliver "One More thing?"

ChatGPT is fastest-growing Consumer App in History. Reaches 100 Million Active Users - (link)

ChatGPT is the new King of the Adoption Mountain reaching 100 Million Active Monthly Users in 2 months. For comparison: TikTok: 9 months, Instagram: 2.5 years, Facebook: 4.5 Years, Spotify: 6 years.

And they aren't resting on their laurels. Things are moving fast at OpenAI. We're guessing the coffee budget is triple what was projected.

47 Year Old Startup?! Microsoft is getting all "agile" and Aggressively Integrating GPT into all Products

  • Microsoft rolls out new Teams product at $7, which include automated meeting summaries, meeting notes, etc. (link)

  • Microsoft boosts Viva Sales with new GPT seller experience (link)

  • ChatGPT is about to get even better and Microsoft's Bing could win big (link)

  • Microsoft research introduces FLAME, which is a language model for Excel. Expect a lot of product integrations over the year (link)

  • OpenAI has hired an army of contractors to make coding obsolete (link)

  • OpenAI released tool to detect generated text (26% accurate) (link)

Where does this leave us? Three (3) trillion dollar companies have gone ALL IN on AI, and other large tech companies are following suit, including Baidu. There are serious ramifications. Sam Altman (OpenAI), thinks AI could break capitalism, and there are many others talking about how this will disrupt white collar work (link).

Last week, ChatGPT passed the medical exam, bar, and MBA from Wharton. This week, it passed the CFA.What do we do? How do we prevent robot takeover? Oxford dons have written their thoughts. Even the Vatican is arguing that we must not become a society ruled by algorithms.

Oh. One More thing... (Sorry, Apple.)

At the beginning of the week, we thought the big story was going to be "5 text-to-music models are announced within days of each other." Guess we were wrong, but check this out:

  • AudioLDM: Text-to-Audio Generation with Latent Diffusion Models (link)

  • SingSong, a system which can generate instrumental accompaniments to pair with input vocals! (link)

  • Moûsai: Text-to-Music Generation with Long-Context Latent Diffusion (link)

  • Make-An-Audio: Text-To-Audio Generation with Prompt-Enhanced Diffusion Models (link)

  • Noise2Music, where a series of diffusion models is trained to generate high-quality 30-second music clips from text prompts (link)

Smaller, but still Cool Stuff

  • Dreamix: Video Diffusion Models are General Video Editors (link)

  • Meta AI is working on creating 3D models from a single image, whether it's real or AI generated (link)

  • SceneDreamer: Unbounded 3D Scene Generation from 2D Image Collections (link)

  • PADL: Language-Directed Physics-Based Character Control (link)

  • AutumnSynth synthesizes the source code of a video game from seconds of play (link)

  • OpusAI - create an entire video game from text prompts (link)

  • Humor: ChatGPT Forced To Take Bar Exam Even Though Dream Was To Be AI Art Bot (link)

  • Nothing forever - generative Seinfeld that never ends (link)

  • GeneFace: Generalized and High-Fidelity Audio-Driven 3D Talking Face Synthesis (link)

  • Glass AI generates a differential diagnosis or clinical plan based on a problem representation (link)

  • French researchers use ML and Python to compile the essence of tax code France rolls it out (link)

  • Tune-A-Video: One-Shot Tuning of Image Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation is out (link)

  • AI has designed bacteria-killing proteins from scratch – and they work (link)

  • The generative AI revolution has begun—how did we get here? (link)

Incredible Resources: Just CLICK. Trust us.

AI has never been more accessible. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a veteran, there are some amazing resources to either help you get started, or take your abilities to the next level.

  • Playground.ai - edit your photos with just text (link)

  • Augment.ai - transform your voice (link)

  • text-to-figma - text prompts create Figma designs (link)

  • Detangle.ai - summarize anything (text or audio) (link)

  • Tome.ai - generative storytelling (link)

  • Avoma - meeting summaries (link)

  • Brancher.ai - easily connect AI models to build apps (link)

  • KnowledgeGPT, a question-answering tool for your documents that includes citations for its answers💡 (link)

  • Browse.ai - Extract and monitor any website (link)

  • Mirage Canvas is the AI-powered 3D canvas for creatives to easily design beautiful environments (link)

  • BLIP-2 introduces image-to-text! (link)

  • Build a simple semantic search engine with Cohere (link)

  • Langchain gets a big release (link)

  • Creating a GPT3 powered support bot for WP Fusion (link)

  • Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity. (link)

  • ChatSonic - GPT/images/web results all rolled into a single interface (link)

Tweets of the Week

AI is benefitting from technological growth and the ability for GPUs to improve a model overnight (link)

Text is the new GUI, Marc Benioff, CEO and co-founder of Salesforce (link)

2023 has already been an amazing year for AI - imagine where we'll be in 2023 (link)

Eye Candy

Having problems with your GPT homework? Try handwriting it! (link)

Text to Motion - describe any motion and get an animated GIF (link)

Playground AI - "Make Her Hair Curly"

Playground AI users make over 50k images of artist Geo (link)

Google Needs to Ship

Whew! Till next week.