Don't Poke the Dragon, Sam!

Elon Musk, hints at starting AI company to Rival OpenAI... which he started. OpenAI keeps rolling, releasing powerful, new APIs

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Don't Poke the Dragon, Sam!

Elon Musk, hints at starting an AI company to Rival OpenAI... which he started. OpenAI keeps rolling, releasing powerful, new APIs.

The Big Stuff

Welcome to this week's edition of Everyday AI, where we explore the latest news and trends in the world of artificial intelligence. This week, we're keeping a close eye on two big players in the AI landscape: Elon Musk and OpenAI (Some others are rumbling in the background, too).

Musk, who helped create OpenAI in 2015, has been critical of the company's recent direction. He believes that OpenAI has become too focused on making a profit and less focused on advancing AI for the benefit of all humanity. As a result, Musk has announced that he's starting his own AI company called BasedAI to rival OpenAI.

  • Elon Musk says he's having existential angst about AI (link)

  • Elon Musk says he's starting a new AI company called BasedAI (link)

  • Fighting ‘Woke AI,’ Musk Recruits Team to Develop OpenAI Rival (link)

OpenAI released two new AI APIs this week: ChatGPT and Whisper. ChatGPT allows software engineers to use the power of ChatGPT in their own apps, while Whisper accurately transcribes voice. The pricing for ChatGPT is 1/10th the cost of the previous GPT-3 API, and it runs on a new model optimized for chat. There were weekend hackathons popping up all over San Francisco within 24 hours of release. The 90% price reduction should concern competitors, making integrating search more economically viable.

  • OpenAI releases ChatGPT and Whisper API (voice transcription); API is 10x cheaper (link)

  • ChatGPT API is fast (link) ChatGPT API is super fast (link)

  • ChatGPT API is super cheap $2 per million tokens! (link)

  • It would only cost $4.30 to process the entire Harry Potter series (link)

OpenAI's tech is shaking things up, leaving competitors like Google and Meta rattled. Meta's latest ChatGPT competitor, LLaMa, doesn't seem promising. It confuses the theory of relativity with "King James."

However, Meta has announced a dedicated product team focused on generative AI. Expect to see a lot of interesting features, such as new AI generated profile pictures and Avatars.

Here are some of the other players who have also put out some intriguing announcements this past week we think are worthy of a glance.

  • Microsoft brings its new AI-powered Bing to the Windows 11 taskbar (link)

  • YouTube’s new leader, Neal Mohan, teases AI tools that can virtually swap creators’ outfits and locations (link)

  • Loves you some Open Source AI? Huggingface releases a Javascript API. This will allow software engineers to easily use AI models on the web (link)

  • Need a Robot? "We've got a Bot for that!" Tesla's Optimus robots building their siblings. I'm sure it will be fine. (link)

Smaller, but still Cool Stuff

  • 1 in 4 Companies Have Already Replaced Workers with ChatGPT (link)

  • How I learned to stop worrying and love our slightly creepy new AI overlords (link)

  • Self-learning agent for performing APIs (link)

  • I Made an AI Clone of Myself (link)

Incredible Resources

  • Kraftful - Amazing tool for product managers (link)

  • Poe - Multi-LLM chat (link)

  • Paper QA - Question and answering from PDFs and text files (link)

Going Deeper

  • Power and Weirdness: How to Use Bing AI (MUST READ) (link)

  • Complete guide to additive prompting (link)

  • How I used LangChain 🦜🔗 and GPT-3 to Automate my Boss (link)

  • How to Build a ChatGPT Version of Yourself (link)

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